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Ananto Dyan Idhaman
Ananto Dyan IdhamanPresident Director

IndonesiaFabric – About Us

IndonesiaFabric introduced a blend of extravagant quality and beauty from selected Indonesian fabrics to the world since 2015. Our vision is to continue to grow until becoming “the largest exporters in Indonesia”, so that develop the ultimate reason to guarantee the quality of our fabrics.

Since then, the still continuing fabrics has been exported to various countries around the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Middle East, Russia and America. Alongside with the sale of fabrics that reached more than hundreds of thousands meters in length, this makes us as one of the greatest fabric distributors in Indonesia that can contribute to beautify the look of people across the globe.

We provide various fabrics such as polyester, cotton, jeans, rayon, wool peach, batik and others by maintaining the commitment to create the best possible goods at the lowest possible price. The fabrics comes from various sources which the quality and beauty has been confirmed. One of them came from the production house of fabrics, Caltri. Our mission is to provide high quality clothing fabrics that are specially manufactured for both Muslim men and women, but it doesn’t stop until there, the fabric also can be customized into other product as desired and needed. As a Moslem wear Specialist we provide various models of clothes such as thobe, abaya, gamis, and koko. They are not only good in quality, color and pattern, but also comfortable. That being said all of our moslem wear are always in accordance with Islamic syari’ah.  

Our company offers a high quality fabrics in beautiful pattern and the best moslem wear that aims to stay on top of the latest trends, providing customers with the most current fashion the world has suggest.